Legendary from Day One

Since its release over a decade ago, the world’s most legendary images have been captured on the Canon EOS 5D. 

The new EOS 5D Mark IV was year’s most anticipated camera. We knew that out of the box, the images it captured would be legendary. So we planned an entire campaign around the first images it produced - before they were even shot.

We gave four influential photographers a challenge: only 24 hours after receiving the camera, they would have to display their images at the renowned Whitney museum in New York. They posted updates as they worked, while their fans followed throughout the day on social media.

Without knowing what images we’d show, we invited prominent members of the press and New York’s photography community to watch as they were unveiled for the first time. The images displayed in the museum were then used across 115 pieces of media.

  • One Show -  SHORTLIST                                                                                                                                                                                   BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT: Experiential / Live Events
  • One Show -  SHORTLIST                                                                                                                                                                                   CROSS-PLATFORM: Experiential / Installations

Case Study

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GCD - Fabio Seidl    CD - Dustin Glick   CW - Adam Leong    AD - Jonathan Ong/Kate de Longpre'

Fall 2016