Printers in Concert

To demonstrate the reliability of Canon imageCLASS printers—and help the brand gain recognition in a new market space dominated by competitors—we brought the product into a truly high stakes environment.

On stage, in front of a live audience, we replaced an orchestra’s music stands with printers, timed to deliver sheet music throughout a performance of Beethoven’s 7th symphony. Each musical section had different timings, requiring Canon engineers to create a code to trigger the right printers at the right time. The musicians had not seen the sheet music in advance, meaning the printers had to work seamlessly throughout the performance—if even a single printer malfunctioned, the show would have been over.

Video of the performance and supporting materials ran as pre-roll and social content targeting mid-sized business owners and I.T. personnel. 

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CCO - Pierre Lipton  GCD - Fabio Seid     CD - Dustin Glick     AD - Kate de Longpre'     CW - Morgan Sobel

Winter 2016