As a global bank HSBC has a unique perspective on their consumers wealth. We decided to show how HSBC Premier sees a more complete picture of an individuals financial situation and in the process create public art using the visual effects created by forced perspective.



AD - Kate de Longpre'     CW - Trevor Hickey

Installation 1

This forced perspective art installation appears from most points in the park to be a series of abstract sculptures. But when viewed from the brands interactive stand, letterforms will come together to reveal the “Wealth is all in the perspective.” This public art piece helps reinforce the idea that only from this bank's unique perspective can you see your wealth clearly.



Installation 2 

This sculpture appears at first to be a random jumble of numbers and symbols. But when viewed from the brands Premier logo a person’s face created by the numbers is revealed. This sculpture is meant to reinforce that the bank looks at more than numbers and figures. They look at their customer – their values, lifestyle and ambitions – to determine the financial strategies that best fit their needs.




Select bank storefronts would act as mini forced perspective art installations. As people pass by the store the see a series of random shapes. Only when they stand on the brands logo on the sidewalk do they see the message, "Get a better perspective on your wealth."


Banners and Print

The bank decided that it wasn't enough to simply say they had valuable insights for investors. They had to prove it. This resulted in a series of information heavy banner and print ads.